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Forums show Ametech Engine Restore Oil Really Helps Worn Engines

Thank you for all the testimonials you have sent us telling us how AMETECH ENGINE RESTORER has helped your vehicles and engines.  Please keep sending them in.

Here are just a few of them.

22 July 2010 - Citroen Synergie (7 seat) MPV, 184,000 miles - fantastic results after just 600 miles! More pep and no smoke on acceleration.
The old banger I used it on is now my daily transport. It is a 184,000 mile Citroen Synergie (7 seat) MPV from 1998 (R reg). It was fairly smoky and most noticeably down on usual power. My Brother recommended me to give RESTORE a try as he reckoned his Omega was running better after using it for 1,000 miles (along with better fuel consumption). I did not have previous fuel economy data for my Citroen, so I cannot comment on this aspect - but the difference in power (and smoke) is proof enough for me - hence my order of the full 1 litre can! (I shall be doing the other old bangers in my collection!).
Please feel free to use my comments.
Best regards, Cllr. Keith Woodard

14 July 2009 - Mitsubishi Shogun - Dear Sir, I recently purchased from you 2 cans of Engine Restorer and Lubricant because my Shogun was using oil. After an oil change I put one can in and went to Wales on holiday doing over 1000 miles.
Before, my car needed 40mls of oil every week; after this journey I had not lost a drop of oil. Marvellous!
Thank you, Brian Webb, Canterbury.

5 July 2010 - MGB GT, 165,000 miles & Ford Escort XR3i, 84,000 miles - Dear Sirs,
Like a good many folk with a few years motoring experience behind them, I have always been somewhat sceptical about cure all oil additives. However, being mindful of the no result money back guarantee on your product I decided to try Restore in my vehicles.

The first vehicle treated was my MG B GT with 165,000 miles covered. I have owned the vehicle for 15 years and lately its thirst for oil was becoming irksome @ approx. 100 miles to the pint. I drained the engine oil, flushed engine, added fresh oil & filter plus 400ml of Restore. The difference in performance was noticeable within a couple of hundred miles. Never the most powerful of engines, mid range torque was restored & the engine ran much happier. The most noticeable difference was much reduced oil consumption. On a recent journey from our home in Wales to Cambridge then onto South East England then back to Wales , a journey of almost 600 miles, the car ran without fault, returned approx. 40mpg and consumed slightly less than 1 pint of oil. A result.

In view of this I then treated my Ford Escort XR3i with 84,000 miles recorded. This vehicle has never consumed large amounts of engine oil, using approx. 1 pint per 500 miles, but was beginning to sound and run like an 84,000 miler. As on the MG I drained engine oil, flushed engine, added new oil and filter & 400ml of Restore. Again, the results could be felt within a few hundred miles, the engine running quieter & smoother with restored power. Oil consumption appears to be almost nil. The vehicle still produces some smoke on initial start up, something I have always tended to ignore as over 7 years of ownership this has always happened and is clearly due to oil draining down valve stems part guides and seals. I will now however carry out the simple procedure outline in the very helpful Q&A information sheet supplied with your product ….

My 210,000 mile Reliant Scimitar will shortly return to the road following some body work. It will of course be receiving the Restore treatment.

A quite remarkable product, not cheap but good value for money.

Yours sincerely, E Judd (Powys)

26 June 2010 - Seat Leon 1.4S - Dear Sir or Madam
I purchased Ametech Engine Restore Oil. First I puchased 250ml can for my son's Seat Leon 1.4S which had started to burn oil internally and had to be topped up with oil every three days. We have left it a good while to get a good idea of the results. The car has now done 1000 miles since putting the RESTORE oil in. He has only had to top the oil up once since. We did not believe we would get such brilliant results. My friend who is a mechanic (and when we got the oil, he did an oil change and fitted a new oil filter before adding the Restore oil to my son's car) was also amazed at the result.
I purchased a litre can from you on 14/5/2010 which he is going to add 800ml to his Subaru Turbo which had started to puff smoke on start up.
I have left some feedback on eBay but could not put enough words down, so I decided to write down feedback to send to you for what has turned out to be a fantastic product and would recommend it to everyone to use on their cars. Thank you again for a fantastic product. 
Your sincerely, D E Goodbun (London E17)

7 June 2010 - 1993 Land Rover Disco 3500cc V8 - The worst job I undertook to cure was a 1993 Land Rover Disco 3500cc V8. The engine was really bad firing on 6,.sometimes 5 cylinders. On checking, all plugs were oil fouled - cleaned plugs - would run badly, smoking filling the workshop in minutes, then would fire on only 5/6 cylinders. Each time I cleaned plugs same thing happened. Changed oil with adding Ametech. Continued to start, then clean plugs. After about a couple of hours the smoke got less - I then drove the Disco about 100 miles and the smoking stopped. This was an engine that should have been rebuilt, but by adding Ametech and a few hours spent, saved the engine, which no longer smokes and the emissions are good enough to pass the MOT. Have used Ametech on noisy top ends and within minutes cured the problem. I swear by it and tell all my friends and customers when I have the chance or when I see a need. I do not mind contact from potential customers. Regards, Paul Cullip, Gas Power UK (lpg conversions)

7 June 2010 - Gardner (8 cyl) & Volvo (6 cyl) Marine Engines, Range Rover 4.6 V8 & Toyota Supra Turbo - Hi Ros, My interest in your engine treatment was too initially to increase oil pressure at tick over, and cut oil consumption on two of our vessels. One fitted with an 8 cylinder Gardner, the other a 6 cylinder Volvo.
Your product did as described and has also made the engines run much smoother, and quieter as an added bonus! So impressed by the product, I have used it on my own two cars (Range Rover 4.6 V8 & Toyota Supra Turbo) as part of their routine oil changes. I want to try the Ametech gearbox treatment to assess its performance too. The fuel and oil savings as well as improved performance have made the use of Ametech very worth while in financial investment. I have had no reservations about recommending the product and have already had very positive feed back from the people who have tried it on recommendation.
Regard Mark Mead, Peel Ports Ltd.

7 June 2010 - Vintage Lorries - We bought Ametech Restore to use in our vintage lorries which are over 50 years old and have diesel engines. At present we have only used Restore in one vintage lorry which had poor compression. We have noticed in a very short time and low mileage that the engine seems to run better. The vehicles are used at Vintage rallies and shows and do not travel many miles over a year so we can not yet report on long term effects as this is only the beginning of the rally season.
I am also going to try Ametech Restore in my 12 year old diesel car which is a bit noisy and also on my petrol lawnmower which is over 26 years old.
Yours Sincerely, Mrs Lorna Allman

24 July 2010 - 1997 Rover 214 cabriolet, 70000 miles - Fantastic product. I have used it in several cars over the last couple if years. Most recently it has turned my Rover cabriolet into the quietest, smoothest running car I have ever known, with hardly any emissions on its last MOT.
Regards,James Stone, Fleet, Hampshire

6 May 2010 - Narrowboat with BMC 1.5 diesel engine - Dear Sirs, I obtained a supply of your Engine Restorer and Anti-leak oil some months ago.
I am a member of the Bridgewater Motor Boat Club at Runcorn and have a narrowboat fitted with a BMC 1.5 diesel engine (old!). This marque was notorious in emitting blue smoke from the exhaust when idling. Having done a fair few miles over the years it was also using a small amount of engine oil. I changed the oil and filter and added the appropriate amount of additive. Although it takes a fair amount of time to clock up the equivalent of 1000 miles, within about 20-30hours of running there was a marked reduction of exhaust smoke and oil consumption. Also the engine is quieter. 
There are several boats in the club with older engines, some of which might benefit from the additives. I am very pleased with the result on my own engine so I have “passed the word” in canal fashion and also to a friend of mine who operates a hire fleet at Thorn Marina at Stockton Heath, Warrington who is also very interested.
In order to continue the process with the “topping up oil” I will be obliged if you will send me a further 400ml tin of Restore oil.
Yours faithfully, Gordon Tyrer

May 2010 - 1988 Ford transit 2.5 diesel Motorhome - Hi Ros, I am sorry for the delay in answering your email as I have been doing some repairs to my motorhome. It is a 1988 Ford transit 2.5 diesel. I took it out on the motorway in January and there was a trail of blue smoke for about a mile behind it.
While on my computer in the evening I came across your advert for Ametech Engine Restore Oil. I sent for some and I was very pleased with how quickly it was sent. I followed the instructions and flushed the engine with a new filter and changed the oil with another new filter and I have made few trips since then.
I have now covered about 1100 miles and I was very pleased with the results, as now the engine is a lot quieter and runs smoother and no more blue smoke. I will be happy to deal with you in future and will pass on your products to all my motoring friends. Thanks very much, hope to be in touch again soon.
Kind regards, John Henderson (eBay ID – bigbananajohn)

29 April 2009 - MOT Emission Test failure - Cured with Ametech! - Some time ago my car failed the MOT emissions on every test, and not just, but Miserably! I had read about your Restore and sent for a tin. 
The mechanic who yesterday passed my car, asked what I'd done and simply did not want to believe me when I told him I had just put a little tin of oil in with my oil change. The stuff is MAGIC! Thought I'd let you know.
My recommendation has gone out to many already (including the unbelieving mechanic).
My thanks, Peter Veasey (Rugby)

30 March 2010 - Mercedes 190E, 90,000 miles - Dear Enginerestore,
Hi there, I recently purchased 2 tins of Ametech oil additive for my Mercedes 190E which had 90,000 mls on the clock. It was a good engine anyhow and I was a bit sceptical about the claims of your product, but with the recommendation from Quentin Willson, I gave it a try.
Having followed the instructions on the tin I put the additive in about 4 weeks ago and have monitored the performance of the car since and I have to say I have seen a remarkable improvement in the fuel consumption. I do set mileage every week so it was easy to tell if there was an improvement or not. I do on a round trip around 350 miles each week and I am making a saving of around £8 or £10 each week!! The engine is smoother and performance is better also, so the cost of the additive has already paid for itself and continues to pay dividends each week. 
When the car is due its next service I shall be adding it again. Thank you for a fabulous product.
Kind Regards, Adam (ebay ID – rumble*123)

29 March 2009 - 1998 Mercedes 300 TD Automatic Estate 136,000 miles - Dear njin-life - Hello Ros, I would like to say how much Ametech Restore Oil has improved my car's performance. This is great stuff. I have used Slick Fifty in every car I buy as soon as I get it but this oil is far superior in every way. I noticed the difference as soon as I put it in and have yet to achieve the full result with the recommended mileage. 
I own a 1998 Mercedes 300 TD Estate 136,000 miles Automatic. The car was treated after a full service by Mercedes which cost £800 and still ran like a bag of nails, no power and rattle noise. Now after the treatment it's a different car, quiet and lots more power, 100 per cent better. 
I also own a 1986 Jaguar XJS 5343cc V12 Automatic 73,213 miles. This car has also been treated but no mileage as yet as I only use this in the better weather. I also have a 1998 Jaguar XJ8 V8 4000cc 71,213 miles Automatic which is due for a service. As soon as this is done I will treat this car with the oil. 
Highly recommend this treatment, can't praise it enough. - alisonneil64 (eBay ID)

19 February 2010 - Mitsubishi Galant 2.5 V6 - Dear enginerestore, My Mitsubishi Galant 2.5 V6 had very noisy hydraulic valve lifters, the only way to overcome this was to service it every 3K miles using Mobil1 synthetic oil. The cost of this was significantly more than I paid for the Ametech Restore and it only made it a little quieter!
Shortly before trying this magical product, the Galant also started to knock.
I added 500ml to fresh Mobil1 oil and after just 20 miles the engine was barely audible. It now runs quiet and smooth just like it was when I first purchased it. In fact I am considering changing the pulleys as they are now much louder than the engine.
I was very surprised as no other additive has ever worked at all. I have recommended this to all of my friends and colleagues as it is so good!
This is the best purchase I have made for any vehicle in 20 years of motoring. Try it – it worked for me and saved me a fortune!
- wayner3566 (eBay ID)

10 February 2010 - Subaru Impreza WRX Classic 1993 - Used this about 2 years ago as these engines are prone to valve train noise and piston slap on start up, both greatly reduced. Used this year with engine oil change as a single can ‘top up’ power has improved and smoother running. I would recommend this to anyone also used in the wifes Rover 45 again smoother and quieter running.
Regards, Stephen Woinson

30 January 2010 - 1992 Subaru Legacy, 1997 Nissan Pathfinder, 1991 Nissan Sentra - 
Hi! My name is Justin Grimes and I live in Rowley MA USA. I just wanted to let you guys know how awesome your product is. I've used Engine Restore in every vehicle I've owned at every oil change and it has worked wonders! It's kept my 1992 Subaru Legacy running strong for the last 40K miles. I recently bought a 1997 Nissan Pathfinder and a can of Engine restore and I can't wait to see how it reacts to the magical engine elixir. 

Probably the most impressive story I have with regards to your product involves a 1991 Nissan Sentra. The car only had 150K miles on it, but the cylinders and piston rings were badly damaged and worn. There was a lot of piston slap in cylinder 2, and the engine would regularly stop firing on all 4 cylinders. Most of the time it only ran on 3 cylinders, while sometimes dropping down to only 2! I tried putting in some Engine Restore and drove the car. Within 25 miles the engine ran on all 4 cylinders again! 

The car went to firing on only 2 or 3 cylinders to running on all 4 after Engine Restore was added! I was amazed. After adding Restore, the engine would run on all 4 cylinders for about 200 miles, then start to sputter out and only run on 2 or 3 again. When this happened, I knew it was time for more Restore. Dump in a can of your product and presto... The car was running on all 4 cylinders again! 

I did this for a couple months until the car started dying out completely. It would just die out completely I had to retire the old girl, but before I sent her to the junkyard I pulled the cylinder head off just out of curiosity. The piston in cylinder 2 had been ground flat on one side from piston slap. The cylinder walls in all cylinders were badly scuffed all around. I could actually wiggle all 4 pistons in their cylinders with one finger very easily. 

Whenever people ask me what they should put in their oil I tell them Engine Restore, because of the magical things it did inside my old, tired Nissan engine. The strange part is that normally I don't believe in “Snake Oil”. I walk into the parts store and see all these magical things on the shelf that are supposed to fix a blown head gasket, or fix a cracked radiator hose, or whatever... Then I see your product and I know it's one I can trust because it works.

Thank you for your time. I just had to let you guys know that I love your product.
Justin Grimes (Platinum Racing)

12 January 2010 - 1993 Subaru Impreza Turbo, 85000 miles - Dear njin-life, Very impressed with your product, only done 100 miles since adding and it has quietened engine and made it feel more responsive. Will definitely get some more in a few thousand miles!
Thanks – ollyjarvis1 (eBay ID)

18 November 2009 - 2001 Renault Clio 1.5 dci - Hi. I have used the described amount on my Renault Clio 1.5 dci.  I noticed great improvement in the pulling power and the smoothness of the engine and if I am not wrong less noise.  Fantastic product and I would highly recommend the use of this great product.  So far covered just over 1200 miles.  Thank you once again and I shall order some more soon. I was so impressed with this product I am now going to use it in my Vauxhall Vivaro engine.  Regards, Tony (tonycc0 - eBay ID)
14 November 2009 - 1989 Porsche 944 S2 - Hi there. Further to meeting you today at the NEC, I have pleasure in attaching the photos of my 1989 Porsche 944 S2, which has had the Ametech treatment, as promised.
Porsche 944 S2 1989 offsidePorsche 944 S2 1989 engine compartment Porsche 944 S2 1989 front view
The car has done just over 179,000 miles and had been used as a daily driver by the previous owner for the last 20 years.  I bought it off eBay (from a "reputable dealer") and, whilst driving it the 35 miles home, was convinced I had bought a lemon - the amount of smoke coming out the back looked like a forest fire and Greenpeace almost initiated a campaign against me on the spot.  It was burning major amounts of oil and if I had encountered a police car on the journey back would almost certainly have resulted in the car being impounded.  I was convinced I had bought a lemon with major emissions problems, but I remembered seeing an article for Ametech products - I decided to take a punt, ordered some and passed them to my mechanic who used them whilst servicing the car. 
After a long run and a few hundred miles later, the smoke had 99% disappeared, oil consumption has dropped remarkably and the engine seems to run more smoothly.  It is like a different car and I would attribute this improvement to the Ametech products used - I have no hesitation in recommending this to the owners of other elderly and high mileage vehicles.  Many thanks indeed, James Fielding, Daventry, Northants.
21 October 2009 - 1979  450SL  Mercedes - Dear Rosalind, Thanks very  much for your prompt reply.  I really appreciate it.  I will get the garage (over here we call them Tallers) to follow your instructions.  Interestingly enough,  the engine sounds completely different and after only 25 kilometers shows signs of inprovement.  I will keep you posted.

Without boring you, the car was previously owned by Leslie Crowther "Come on down the price is right" and had 30 years being pampered in Marbella. So if everything works out as hoped, if you want a pic and testimonial you are welcome.

Follow-up on 27 October 2009 - 1979  450SL  Mercedes - Dear Rosalind, No kidding, the results are amazing.
My 1979 450SL  Mercedes engine was diagnosed as needing new piston rings on the 7th & 8th pistons.

The quote to take out the engine and fix them  of £6000 was open ended.  If they found other work needed, the price could have rocketed and the car  would have to be be off the road for 6 to 8 weeks. In Spanish weeks,  it would most likely mean 6 months.

I had 2 litres of Engine Restore Oil added to new engine oil,  and the V8  after just 300 kilometers now runs as smooth as new.  Added to which, for some unknown reason its stopped overheating.  On a cold day the temperature in Tenerife never drops below 70 so overheating is quite a big issue.  With kind regards,  Peter Anderson

17 October 2009 - Citroen CX25DTR - Flushed the oil (plus Slick 50) from my 22+yr old Citroen CX25DTR and replaced it with Engine Restorer plus a semi-synthetic oil. The car has covered 270,000+ miles and used a lot of oil before treatment. Initially there was very little change but after nearly 500 miles the oil level was topped up and the family set off from Yorkshire to Dorset for a few days holiday and drives around the New Forest and Purbeck there is certainly a diiference. The car reached 1000 miles after treatment and what a dfference! Hills that were tackled in 2nd or 3rd gear only four months ago were being tackled in 4th or 5th yesterday on the drive home! When the oil level was checked on return to Yorkshire, there was NO need to top it up and the blue smoke in the morning has gone. The Engine Restorer has certainly worked, and worked much better than I could possibly have hoped!
There are other benefits: the engine is noticeably quieter and consumption of diesel has improved - my Ghostbuster averaged 43.8mpg from leaving and returning to Wakefield.
Not bad for a "D" registered 2.5 litre diesel estate that will be 23 on 01.01.2010!

Thanks AmeTech,
John Smith-Warren
Wakefield, West Yorkshire

29 September 2009 - 1987 Audi Coupe Quattro -

Dear Club Audi, If like me your pride and joy Audi has rattly hydraulic tappets driving you to distraction I am pleased to reccomend AMTECH ENGINE RESTORER AND LUBRICANT as I saw advertised in this months Classic Cars for Sale. Having planned a winter strip down of my 1987 Audi Coupe Q. I rang up on 01728726620 and spoke to Roz who advised me that their product should be able to help with my noisy 5 pot! or my money back,what had I got to loose - so I ordered a can that arrived next day and I followed the instructions and poured in the 400ml can to a warm engine and within 10 seconds the tappets stopped rattling followed by a distinct smoothness whilst idling, well worth the £21.99 inc postage. So why not give it a try,you never know mention Club Audi and you may even get a little discount - if my experience is anything to go by its well worth it. Regards to all at Club Audi Barrie Marshall (Audi Coupe Q. BRM1T)
19 August 2009 - Follow-up on Hyundai 2 litre Coupe - bet you dont remember me with the hyundai coupe of last year but to keep you informed and up to date my coupe is still going like a dream and its all down to your product RESTORE i have noticed that the longer its in the engine it does improve in all areas.great stuffdavid

4 December 2008 – Hyundai Accent - Hi, just a quick note to let you know I have my own garage repair business, established 20 years.  I have never believed these additives worked - seen similar one (and maybe you) at different classic car shows, seen demonstrations, listened to sales patter & walked away laughing to myself. Then I bought this tin from you to try on a friend’s Hyundai Accent which smokes like mad.  I gave him the choice - strip & re-ring etc or try one of your magic cans.  Flushed with ATF, then engine flush, each time with new filters, then new filter, oil & Restore.  I then drove it for 50 miles and could see a difference with the smoke on acceleration.  He has since used it for a long journey and he is now home doing his usual journeys and rang me to say after 500 miles he has checked his oil and has not had to top it up.  Normally he would have put 1 litre oil in after 500 miles.  So I am impressed and you have changed my views towards magic tins (don’t mock it till you’ve tried it springs to mind).  Thanks very much, andy wood - inca4x4 (ebay ID)

23 October 2008 -  Mitsubishi FTO - Just to let you know I’m very very pleased with the results of your product!! Saved me a lot of money! I am a member of the Fto Owners club, and tappet noise is a major problem with certain models of these cars. Your product has sorted my car & also made it run a lot better,  I have written a post on the forum recommending your product to them all! The club shop may also be interested in your product! So hopefully you will be getting more business coming your way!! Rgds Graham - gnk-wholesale (eBay ID)

20 October 2008 – MAN coach - Hi, this is our third order and we have made recommendations to others. I am now looking after the MAN coach which belonged to my friend who has unfortunately died after a short illness. He purchased Restore for the coach on my recommendation and the transformation has been remarkable. The coach was struggling to get up a hill in third but now goes up in sixth gear. (With the wind behind!) He was very impressed with the results as am I. Regards Alan- al595017 (eBay ID)

3 October 2008 - E Class 270 CDI had smoke coming out of exhausts under hard acceleration, used gas treatment to resolve problem, also used engine restore in oil change at 103,000 miles now the engine is quieter, no smoke from exhausts,brilliant!!
First used restore in 250,000 mile Audi A6 sold to a friend, still running sweetly with 320,000 miles on speedo no oil topup between service lets see what happens at MOT in Nov08 Will probably pass with ease!!!!!!!!!!!  Thanks Ametech.
 -maxmilogolf (eBay ID)

01 October 2008 - Ford Probe, 1995, 110,000 miles - Dear njin-life, done over a 1000 miles had noisy tappets now its gone engine smooth as they come. thanks -topman1969 (eBay ID)
29 September 2008 - Ford Probe 2.0l 16v, 155k, 1996  - Dear njin-life, Used engine restore as described and I've now done 2000+ miles. The "death rattle" dissapeared within 50 miles and you can now barely hear the motor. This is the only additive I've ever used that does what it says on the tin, I will be buying more very shortly. Superb - stinkwheel400 (eBay ID)
26 September 2008 - Nissan Primera SE P11, SR20DE naturally aspirated engine, 120,000 Miles on the clock, daily mileage 60+  Hi Dave, As promised I have used the RESTORE you kindly sent me in the mail.  
This is the write up I put on the forum ( 
Hopefully you will find this useful.  Regards, Malcolm

1. OK Initial test of compression gives the following figures:
cylinder 1 = 130 PSI
cylinder 2 = 125 PSI
cylinder 3 = 120 PSI
cylinder 4 = 90 PSI

Car is very lumpy to drive, no power at the top end.
Oh, and I did perform a full oil change a few months ago, so its not like I am comparing new oil to old, the only difference will be in the ametech!

2. Got in touch with Ametech. They say Flush the engine, fit a new filter, and add new oil (with no additives i.e stop smoke, slick 50 etc). I decided to put in 15/40 as figure I will need slightly thicker oil than standard spec.
I was advised to put 40ml of the RESTORE directly into Cylinder 4 (through the spark plug hole) and the rest of the 400ml tin into the engine with the new oil.

3. Attempted this tonight.
-On starting the car had HUGE amounts of smoke from the exhaust.
-Left to idle for 20 mins, smoke lessened, but by no means stopped.
-went for a drive. After driving for about 5 miles (Revved the car up under load a few times) the smoke seems to have dissipated. Still smells bad though. Funnily enough, the power seems to be back (not properly tested tho as a bit worried to rag it at the moment) and the car revs up very smoothly, no obvious flat spots.

4. Took the car out for a spin around the ring road. (thought I would let everything settle from part 3)
This time thought i would give it a good belt and see if it had improved. All I can say at this point is WOW.
It pulls in every gear, I know it is wet, but it was lighting up the tyres in 3rd (it wouldn't do this earlier today and it was raining then)
I had it red lined in 4th and the speed it got there was such an improvement!
I am a little disappointed that the tapping noise is still there, but apparently if I take off the rocker cover and apply a little directly to the rockers and cam lobes etc this should quieten also, something to try later I think!!! I have a 30 mile drive to work tomorrow so will be interesting to see if it returns to being gutless over night.

5. Well I made it to work! Again noticed a definite improvement. This time I was primarily concerned with the low rev power. The car used to feel very flat before the "magic" 4K mark, and usually it was at 5K before it felt like the cams had properly kicked in. Now, it pulls nicely throughout the whole of the bottom end and when it hits 4K the cams kick in nicely.
As I said in point 4, there is still a tapping noise that is driving me mad, but i think this is worn tappets. I think I need to do as suggested and remove the cam cover to fix this! Next task - Compression Test.

6. OK, as promised I did another compression test tonight. 
So lets get right down to it!

Cylinder 1 now = 140 PSI +10
Cylinder 2 now = 135 PSI +10
Cylinder 3 now = 130 PSI +10
Cylinder 4 now = 135 PSI +45

Also keep in mind since putting the RESTORE into the engine I have driven over 65 miles so I am pretty damn pleased with the results.

I still know this may be a temporary fix, so I plan to keep testing periodically over the next 6 months as see how well it performs.
7. After 1000 Miles I have re-tested the compression and again I have found no drop in compression. The car is running smoothly and pulling in every gear.
8. It is now 3 months, and 4000 miles later on and the car is still running well. The car no longer burns oil (It requires no topping up as it used to) The flat spots have still not returned. The car doesn't feel as pokey as it did immediately after the treatment, but I think this is down to the ECU. I am very pleased with the results. I did a compression test after 2500 miles, and there was no drop from the 2nd set of readings. :-) Malcolm Solley, Leeds, UK
23 September 2008 – Mercedes E Class 270 CDI and Audi A6 - Dear njin-life, E Class 270 CDI had smoke coming out of exhausts under hard acceleration, used gas treatment to resolve problem, also used engine restore in oil change at 103,000 miles now the engine is quieter, no smoke from exhausts,brilliant!! 
First used restore in 250,000 mile Audi A6 sold to a friend, still running sweetly with 320,000 miles on speedo no oil topup between service lets see what happens at MOT in Nov08 Will probably pass with ease!!!!!!!!!!! thanks Ametech –
maxmilogolf (eBay ID)
23 September 2008 - Peugeot Boxer 1.9 Diesel minibus, 158,000 miles - Hi Ros, It's some time now since I got my 'Restore'.  Many thanks. I have finished my trial - all I can say is "Fantastic".  I was a Doubting Thomas and thought I'd seen it all before over the years, sticking with a couple of favourites which I still use. 
I've been heavily involved in the taxi business for 18 years and do look after my cars and buses.  However I bought a Peugeot Boxer 1.9 Diesel minibus a few months ago in Rochester, below London. I drove it back up to N.Yorks overnight.  It went through a bit of fuel and wasn't exactly 'full of beans' for its 158K.  Although reasonably healthy all considered, I felt it had not had a lot of love or regular oil changes (my opinion), so I thought I need a bit of work from this bus so I will give it the 'full Monty'.  I gave it a double dose of flush, beyond the required time, and a good dose of injector cleaner, changed the oil and filter, then gave it a good thrashing to Manchester Airport, some 90 miles.  It was definitely better, but a bit gutless.  I know its a 1.9 non-turbo, but it could be better.

Coming back loaded I was being 'undertaken' by artics on the steep hill over the Pennines, which was a bit embarrassing.  However, on my return, I drained the oil, renewed it and popped in my Restore, thinking "Here goes", not really expecting a result, but Wow, what a change!  It got better mile on mile.  I quickly covered 300 miles.  It got smoother, quieter - more response, better drivability.  It wasn't struggling as much, so I was very pleased with that.  Thinking it's as good as it gets, but no, it just got better and better.  I have now covered probably 2K miles and it's 100% better - idles smooth, economy is a respectful 36.43 mpg, cannot expect more from a minibus.  It's perky - more torque - drives nicely - not a flying machine, but does what I need now.  It sounds and feels altogether newer.  So I'm pleased I discovered your product. 

My final test: I went back to Manchester Airport on a lot less fuel, a bit faster.  Coming back to the big, slow hill I mentioned before, known locally as Ainly Top, I thought "Bring it on!".  M62, no trucks 'undertaking' this time, Oh no! It flew up in 2nd lane, passing all the trucks and I even passed a few in the 3rd lane.  So, great, it worked for me and I'm sold, will continue to use.  Very satisfied - you have nothing to lose! Many thanks, Lee Taylor, Leeds (Lee says he is happy to be contacted for his views on 07979 436706).  (Lee wins a copy of Great British Classic Cars [issue 1, Sports Car Special, available exclusively from WH Smith] for his testimonial).

2 September 2008 - 1992 Volvo 940SE Turbo, 209953 miles - Hi Ros & David, 
A month or so ago, I spoke to you regarding an oil leak on my 1992 Volvo 940SE Turbo. At this point I must say thank you to David for taking the time to explain the truth about oil and what should and could be used in my car. It was a very interesting and enlightening chat!
I was looking for a cheaper way to stop the leak rather than have the engine out and the rear crank seal replaced. We spoke about using your "Restore" engine conditioner. Quite honestly, you did say that it probably wouldn't stop the leak but could well take some of the pressure away from the weakened seal. With a reasonable amount of doubt in mind, I decided to go ahead and give it a try. The Restore arrived the morning after it was ordered along with a bottle of MT10.
The MT10 went straight into my automatic gearbox which is an AW unit. Before adding the MT10 I didn't think that I had any problems with my gearbox, however......... After a few hours of driving I noticed that the obligatory "clonk" when selecting drive from neutral wasn't there anymore, the gears changed up and down with a silky smoothness and believe it or not, the car appeared to be a little faster? So much for the MT10, a good start so hopefully the Restore may well be as good as you say it is.
I decided to use National Tyres and Auto Centres in Greenwich for the oil and filter change. On David's advice, I added a pint of  ATF to the engine oil about half an hour before arriving for the job to be done. The filter was in stock and the job began.
The oil wasn't that dirty as fresh oil is added weekly. New filter on and now for the Castrol Magnatec. NO! I want the GTX mineral oil, again on David's recommendation. A debate then ensued and went on for a while about the fact that the spec for my car was for semi-synthetic oil to be used as it has a turbo. Eventually, much against their better judgement, the GTX was put into the engine with 400ml of Restore.
The car was started, it sounded ok, I moved of off the forecourt and accelerated away, half expecting something horrible to happen to my turbo! Well nothing nasty happened at all. Now after 522 miles the car is running like a dream! Acceleration is faster and no where near as noisy. The engine is far more responsive to the throttle. No more puffs of smoke on kick-down either. I'd love to say that my MPG is up but to be honest I haven't worked out the mileage yet. All in all, Restore and MT10 appear to have worked rather well! I still have an oil leak but now I'm using ordinary mineral oil which is at least a little cheaper! Sadly I didn't have a compression test done before the oil change so there seemed to be little point in doing one after adding Restore.
About the car; I have had it for just over a year. When I aquired it, the odometer had not been working for almost three years. The clock was showing 171525. Working from old MOT's and the service history, I estimated that the car had done somewhere in the region of 191099 miles. During the past year, I have accounted for 18854 miles making a total of approx. 209953 miles. Not bad for the original engine and gearbox!!! 

Should you wish to use this mail on your testimonials page, please do. 
Many thanks for all your help. 
Brian David Botham. (Brian wins a copy of Great British Classic Cars [issue 1, Sports Car Special - available exclusively from WH Smith] for his testimonial.)

19 August 2008 - Ford Probe 16V 1994, 42K miles, electric current red with full service history and receipts -
Ford Probe 16V 1994Dear njin-life, Just to let you know I have now completed 500 miles, and all I can say is this product is amazing. The compression on my 1994 Ford Probe 16v, just gets better and better, it's like having a new car. Like most people I was dubious of the claims, but I am now converted, and I am telling friends and work colleagues to go and buy some. I had my car MOT'd last month, and in the next day or so I am having it retested on emissions, I will let you know the results. With this in mind I have today purchased the stop leak and injector cleaner, well I couldn't do half a job, could I? Feel free to add this to your testimonials on the product. Best Regards Mick Richardson- Morecambe Lancashire - mickaudi80 (eBay ID) (Mick wins a copy of Great British Classic Cars [issue 1, Sports Car Special - available exclusively from WH Smith] for his testimonial.)

Follow up to the above from the UKPOC Club forum:
Posted: Thu Aug 21, 2008 7:46 pm. Post subject: Ametech Restore. 
This is an Oil Additive that amazingly works, check out the website
I have used this in my probe and I now have no blue smoke, no lack of compression and it has halved my emissions which were checked last month for the MOT. It is available from ebay for £20.69 with free postage.  I have just filled up after the last fill up had done 345 miles now I am getting 396 off a tank, so I am well impressed.  Anyone else tried it?  Mick
Posted: Fri Aug 22, 2008 4:48 pm    Post subject:      Reply with quote
I have just had my emissions retested and the results are as follows
Before After
CO 0.14 0.011%vol
HC 16ppm 12ppm
CO2 16.98 12.68%vol
The CO is not a mistype it has dropped to a superclean 0.011%vol, so I guess this stuff really does exactly what it says on the tin

11 August 2008 - 1985 Toyota Pickup (Hilux in the UK) with 278,000 miles.  I have used your product in the past on a  a bad upper engine knock, poor fuel economy, and a nice hazy blue exhaust.  All I can say is WOW, what an awesome difference.  Knock was gone in less than a trip to the grocer, no more smoking and a bit better fuel economy.  Thank you John Haubrich Menasha, Wi USA.

6 Jul, 2008 - BMW 525 Ti petrol, 1992, 182,000 miles - BMWLAND: Ametech Engine Restore Oil - real life experience. I spoke (with Ametech) at some length about my offer (to trial) the product. they sent me the stuff to trial in my old beast (BMW 2.5Ti petrol 6cyl estate) and see how we got on. I flushed the engine (with Ametech's own flush and a clean filter), then drained and refilled with a fresh filter, clean oil and Ametech, along with a bottle of their Oil Seal restore. Initial impressions? Very positive. Only had a chance to cover about 20 miles so far but the initial thing both myself and my wife noticed when we got home was that she seemed much quieter. No rattly tappet, no hunting idle (it seems more even, whereas before it was very prone to fluctuate when warm), and overall the whole engine "feels" a bit different - not earth-shakingly different, but different nonetheless, in a very positive way. As I'm still bedding-in new brakes, I can't really comment on whether performance is improved or not, however that time will come.
I promised I'd keep a "public" thread about this open, so please look out for regular updates - both good and bad as time wears on.
Fri 01 Aug, 2008 - follow up to the above
Well, here we are, some 2,000 miles on and what can I say?
FANTASTIC PRODUCT!! Fuel economy's improved - on a recent run to 
Somerset, I saw 38mpg, without taking it steady. Engine smoothness has improved - the engine is noticeably quieter and smoother - I think it's a little more "pokey" but that could just be my perception. No more rattly tappet on hot idle, either. I had her MOT'd yesterday, and I think the emissions results proved this stuff's worth in my mind  last year HC was 126ppm, this year it was just 23 !! CO(now)0.03% ! Remember, this is a 16-year old lump with 182,000+ on the clock, original cat and original O2 sensor.
To answer the big question - is it any good, will it work for me? YES, in a nutshell. IF your engine, like mine, was getting tired, and has no major mechanical problems (this stuff is good, but can't work miracles), then yes, I believe it'll work - it could also work if used as part of a preventative maintenance plan where, say, one 250ml tin is used every 5-10000 miles to keep everything in top condition.
I've recommended it to a couple of people who know just how fussy I am over my cars, and they've gone out and bought some to trial under very different circumstances - one's a knackered old tractor which, if this stuff makes even the slightest difference will be nothing short of a miracle (it IS knackered....) and the other a tired old Fiesta that is being passed down to a mate's younger son. Both people know me of old and know that I wouldn't shoot my gob off about something unless I'd tried it first, and got a good result from it. I'm going to continue using it at the 'preventative' dose for the rest of the car's life, that's for sure. It worked for me, and it could well work for you as well. I strongly recommend it. Forget the Sl**k's of this world, Ametech really works and you can notice the difference.

For all the cynics out there (of which I was one, until I tried it) this has been achieved solely by Ametech in my opinion - I always use the same oil, filters, plugs etc., so can be sure that the difference I'm feeling and noticing in the car is directly attributable to the only additional thing I've added to it this service - the Ametech additive
. Andys525iTouring (as reported on BMWLAND forum -

17 July 2008 - 1989 VW Golf GTI 1781cc - Restore is fantastic. I have tried every thing else from stp and many other additives. also tried different oils from halfords 20 50 to my standard use oil shell helix semi synthetic 10 40 which is the right oil for the golf gti. my problems were slight cam rattle when warm.  i have done a proper test of restore as i have done 3 oil changes this week to try and lose this slight noise and looking at doing a head job, but i knew there must be something to cure this, as i only had the rattle when i first did an oil change on the car 2 years ago, just after purchasing it, and as soon as i did the oil change this the noise came about, so i suspected some thing was added to the oil. i am a tool maker by trade and have a btec international in engineering and re built my first engine when i was 13 years old. my car sounded like a diesel on tick over now it is quiet. you have saved me a lot of time and money. regards earl (full identity withheld).

10 June 2008 -  Highly modified Porsche 924  Hi Ros. Well, I am amazed!!!  It seems to have completely cleared up the smoking from my Porsche nearly immediately!  My engineer/mechanic who has been working with me on all the upgrades to the Porsche was so impressed he asked me to order him a flush/Oil pack for his Volvo!!!  Take care, HRH HarryThe Amazed!!!  (eBay ID - 6harryok)

16 May 2008 - 1972 4.7 litre Maserati Indy  Maserati Indy 4.7 1972Report after 500 miles, bought this 1L and 400ml for a 1972 4.7 litre Maserati Indy in readiness for a drive to Monaco for the Historic Grand Prix. The car had previously had low compression, burnt oil and had a little blow smoke and popping on overrun. A test trip to Silverstone from Lincolnshire for the Supercar race on the 20th April was arranged and, with hope and expectancy, the Restore was added after an oil and filter change. Unfortunately, the oil filler cap had developed a crack and no longer sealed properly and on the trip down must have lost 3-4 litres of oil with the Restore as well. Though after the journey there was an improvement in performance and oil pressure. Bought another 400ml for the Monaco trip but the post office weren't quite quick enough in delivery and I didn't get it in time. The car did run well though and after 2000 miles with an 18 mpg average, there is noticably improvement. The other 400ml to go on the valve guides in a hope that will help the overrun. – Update 6 June 2008 - I have no problem with you using my testimony and please find attached photo of the car.  Car is running well still and I'm looking forward to a good summer of motoring.   Kind Regards, Rob - fonrdb (eBay ID) 
31 May 2008 – Mitsubishi Spacewagon 2.4 gdi, ‘W’ reg - Hi, I just thought I would let you know that I bought 2 cans of engine restore in the hope that it would solve my noisy engine, I have a 'W' reg Mitsubishi Spacewagon and they are known for having noisy tappets (sounds like a bad ford escort!) I only put in 1 can although you recommended 2 for my 2.4 gdi engine but it solved the noise almost immediately! I have just changed my oil and added the second can. Engine restore has saved me a fortune as I would have had to invest in some 'lash adjusters' for my car at a cost of about £500. An added benefit is that my car now returns approx 38 - 40 mpg which is fantastic for a huge 2.4 car, its also more responsive. Thank you so much, I have recommended you to my family and friends many of whom ordered and are as impressed as I am. – lottieapple (eBay ID)
31 May 2008 – V8 3.9 efi - Hi just to let you know, my V8 3.9 efi smoked like a chimney especially on tick over. I haven't quite done 500 miles and Ametech has done the job, no more smoke! Thankyou. Kind regards, Bob.- klaytoswine (eBay ID)
29 May 2008 – 1998 Mazda Bongo, 120,000 miles -Hi there. I just wanted to let you and your customers know how much this stuff really works...I bought a 1/4 ltrs can and put it into my 1998 Mazda bongo which had done approx 120,000 miles....started blowing blue smoke occasionally so i put in the can and after 500 miles driving i noticed more torque, more mpg and generally no smoke or plumes coming from the back end. I have now invested £45 in a full litre for my next service and will insist upon it in all cars etc that i may have in the future...I have recommended it to a friend and he has noticed a 'MARKED' difference in the way his motor is performing and he has only done 300 miles with his litre so far. To any sceptics out there...believe in this cos' it really does work!!!!!! – absentrush (eBay ID)
27 May 2008 – 1967 Fiat 500 - Hello, I have used this stuff with great success in a 1967 Fiat 500. the car had a tired engine, the engine was low on compression and was producing some levels of smoke when hot and left to tick over for a while. the performance was also down although it didn’t have a lot in the first place. my girlfriend owned the car and asked if there was anything I could do to improve it, so not wanting the hassle of rebuilding the engine I thought I would try Ametech, as a friend of mine had used it with positive results in a 4.6 PA38 Range Rover. so I changed the oil and added one 250ml can. initially there was no noticeable improvement, however after 200 miles my girlfriend who had no idea that I had added this stuff remarked on how the little Fiat seemed to have more go and wasn’t producing any smoke at the lights when driving off. she was thrilled to bits and was convinced I had secretly rebuilt the engine as a surprise, this provided me with many much needed browney points with limited financial outlay (RESULT).. I then drove the Fiat myself and found there to be a definite improvement and I was surprised how much its performance increased, its acceleration was greatly improved as was its top speed increased from a thrashy 55 mph to a super smooth 70 mph, so I reckon this stuff works. however the Fiat is a very basic simple engine, on more modern sophisticated units it might be wise to seek further advice…happy driving. Al shepherd (chairman of the Fiat 500 enthusiasts club)
8 May 2008 - 1995 Vauxhall Cavalier 1.8 OHC (with Cat) mileage 97653Hi Ros, after 12 hours of running the car at idle (12 x 1hour intervals) and running for a mileage of 488 miles the engine has definately improved. As promised, the test results:
Test Results:
1995 Vauxhall Cavalier 1.8 OHC (with Cat) mileage 97653
Compression              Before          After
Cyl 1                            118              124
Cyl 2                            121              129
Cyl 3                            110              120
Cyl 4                              98              117
Compression done with engine at operating temp. Improved compression, engine noticeably idled more smoothly with less vibration.
Emissions                Before                   After
CO (at idle)             0.6                         0.4
HC (at idle)             210ppm                 140ppm                       

CO (2500 rpm)        0.3                         0.3

HC (2500 rpm)        175ppm                 110ppm
Other than the oil / oil filter change and the 400mls of Restore no other 'work' was done to the engine.  Improved Carbon Monoxide emission (lowered) and improved (lower) Hydro Carbons suggests less burnt oil in the exhaust due to better piston/bore seal. Noticeably smoother idle and improved throttle response. With lower CO, fuel consumption has improved slightly. (sorry no accurate figures ...estimate approx 3-4 mpg more).  Thank you, Kind Regards David (eBay ID – reflexwarrior)
29 April 2008 – ‘97 Toyota Carina E 1.8 GS 5dr, 142k miles - Hi Ros, An update is required: I drained the Magnatec and changed the filter and then put the RESTORE in with "normal" oil. I noticed that the fuel economy improved from the very first tank full. Where I was previously getting about 360-370 miles per tanks of unleaded, on the first tank full after starting to use RESTORE I managed 405 miles! This was an improvement back to the nearly-new consumption figures I obtained when I first purchased the vehicle back in '99.  I have since sold the vehicle, but I was impressed with the immediate improvement shown. I will definitely consider RESTORE in the future.  Regards, Kevin, Wiltshire
21 April 2008 - Ford 8210 Tractor - 
Ford 8210 Tractor Simon Smith Agricultural Contractor
Hi Ros. 
Here is the picture of me and my Ford 8210 as requested.
I haven’t done many hours since the treatment was added, but even so there is a marked reduction in vapour from the breather and blue smoke. Also the flickering oil light has gone out, which I think is aided by the engine rpm going up by about 100rpm. 
Regards, Simon Smith, Agricultural Contractor

31 March 2008 – Citroen Zx Elation diesel 1.9, 1996, 102,000 miles - I have now done more than the required 500 miles with your product, both in manual gearbox and engine, so I can add to positive feedback already received. I bought, this Xmas 2007, a 1996 Citroen Zx Elation diesel 1.9 manual, 102000mls on the clock. I am now approaching 106000mls and I am sure I have noticed the smoother engine and gear change. But this is the interesting bit, I am not burning oil (ok, good engine you say), also colour of oil has not blackened as diesels usually do. Car starts quick and clean and although this is no rocket engine but will keep up on the outside lane of motorway with modern vehicles and smooth without labouring engine, and again no visual smoke. I intend to keep this car for a while as it is very economical to run, and if I change my wife wants it as she runs an antique VW Polo with no power steering, so will keep you informed on its ongoing performance with your product. Thanks again. – firdevsbir (eBay ID)
25 March 2008 – Ford Mondeo TDDI, 2001 - Hi, just to let you know that although I haven't done 1000 miles yet I'm impressed - it actually makes a difference. I put the restore into my 2001 Mondeo tddi, prior to application the engine was very noisy even for a ford and pushed a lot of smoke out on start up and heavy acceleration. After only 300 miles the engine was quieter and the smoke reduced, now at 580 miles after application the smoke has gone - my mechanic asked me what I'd done do it. As a bonus I now get an extra 2mpg (urban), not a lot I know but its more than before!! In future I'll put this in every car I get whether it needs it or not!! Thanks, Andy, Lincolnshire

5 March 2008 - ROVER K Series Engines - 
Hello David, I would just like to say a few words about your product. Every Rover owner will know how noisy the K series engine is, from tappets to the engine being all alloy with steel liners (clatters on cold start), making this off putting to buyers when you come to sell your car.  Having used your product on 3 occasions now, the difference to the engines I have used this on is remarkable. I stress to all new purchasers, allow time for the product to do its work!  500 to 1000 miles will produce a huge improvement. Many Thanks again. Chris Cook, Norfolk.

24 January 2008 - ERF tractor unit with 11 litre Cummins engine -                                                                                                                       ERF Tractor Unit with 11 litre Cummins engine SBT Transport
Hi Ros. Well what can I say! I have used your product in cars and have been impressed. BUT I have recently added three litres to an 11 litre Cummins engine that was burning a gallon of oil a week. The vehicle is used as ashunter in Southampton docks and is in use 20 hours out of 24 every day.  It pulls on average about 300 tons every day and has a hard life, it has now not used any oil for over two weeks and is running and starting like a dream.  I cannot express how much I am impressed with this additive and the way it works. I have no reservations about recommending your product to anyone.  I just don’t want the other sub contractors to find out about it as their vehicles are gradually dying and using oil faster than the refineries can make it.  IMPRESSED is not a good enough word to describe your product as I think it is b***dy marvellous.  Many thanks, Bob (SBP TRANSPORT)
18 January 2008 – Renault 5 GT Turbo - Hi Guys.  Well I bought my second can of Engine Restore and put it in my Renault 5 GT Turbo with the oil which had the first can in. I had done 180 miles with the first can and didn't notice anything so decided to put another one in as recommended by you. I drove to work this morning which is less that a mile away and when I got there the knock had gone. I can't believe it. I asked about your product on the Renault Turbo Owners Club and many members told me to avoid it but after already taking the engine out twice in 2 months I didn't want to do it again. £30 well spent and I will be using again and recommending you to Members of the owners club. Thanks, Simon. Sy5gtt (eBay ID)
2 January 2008 - 1990 Volvo 940 2.0 Estate - I put a second engine from the breakers with 75000 miles on it, run the engine for 250 mile then added 500ml of AMETECH, after a few miles we noticed that the engine was running quieter and acceleration improved, engine smoother and more responsive. Its great to find something that does work. Thank you, Frank. scaggs2007 (eBay ID)
14 December 2007 – Nissan Largo 2.0, 1996  Hi. I have got to say wow.
I have a turbo diesel 2 litre 1996 nissan largo that i imported from japan. had all the usual done, full service including oil change, timing belt etc, but even with all this done to her, she still sounded very noisy on tick over & at normal driving speed, loads of blue smoke on start up & was very sluggish on acceleration.  so i thought i would try AMETECH ENGINE RESTORE OIL & to say i noticed the difference in her after the first week would be an understatement.

I am no expert when it comes to cars but there were real noticeable changes in our nissan largo once i had used the engine restore oil & i can agree without a doubt it really does do what they claim. I WILL BE USING IT AGAIN.  KIND REGARDS FROM A VERY HAPPY CUSTOMER. perry8408 (eBay ID)
11 December 2007 – Subaru Impreza Turbo, 1999, 80,000 km  Hi. I have run the treatment in for 500 miles, noticed a difference almost instantly. I used mobil 1 & did a full service on my car when I added the ametech, this maybe amplified it's affect. Although saying that I'm absolutely certain the ametech treatment is the main ingredient to the massive improvement in my car engine performance. Not only performance, the car runs as smooth as silk even when cold & I am now keeping it a little longer, I was going to sell the car as it felt a little tired but this service/treatment has injected a new life into the car & its smiles for miles again. Ametech's claims sound too good to be true but I can confirm they are justified claims & it is a fantastic breakthrough in car maintenance. Just needs buying & adding, you'll see, best £25 I've spent on my 99 impreza turbo. My car has done 80k & I had noticed a decline in the cars response, ametech has restored it like the day i bought it & restored my confidence in the reliability. Thanks - golf170479 (eBay ID)
22 November 2007 – Lotus Esprit S3  Just wanted to say how thankful I am for being introduced to Ametech.  After adding it when changing my oil there was a slight improvement, however, after the 2nd change things really began to take off. My Lotus Esprit S3 (which are known for being temperamental) is left mainly outside, was giving problems starting in the mornings & plugs (which had to be changed 3 to 4 times a year) oiled up!
Surprise, surprise, since that last change things have got better and better and seems to have solved most of my problems, and there is also a decrease in petrol consumption over a long trip.  A very satisfied customer.  Yours sincerely, A H Shrive, Wolverhampton.
11 November 2007 – BMW 316, 1999 - Hi. I recently purchased a 400ml can of your product and as requested here is my 500 mile testimony. I recently purchased an accident damaged 1999 316 BMW for winter use, as I am a biker. I had the wing/bumper repaired & painted that only cost £95. The big problem was the engine rattle. On start up the old girl would rattle for about 10 minutes or until fully warm & smoke like it was the smoke machine for a rock band.  So 1 wynn’s engine flush later (sorry to mention some one else’s product, but it is the truth of the story) drain & refill with semi synth oil & filter, about £13 for both, followed by a bit of your magic. A 40 mile trip to a concert & still a very loud rattle, my friends a little concerned we may not get home.  But on the return journey no rattle (probably the loud music). Next morning, and here’s the thing, instant start up & no rattle or smoke whatsoever. It even seems to crank faster & is so much smoother on tickover. Also, not sure why, but the slight oil leak it had seems to have stopped.  So the bottom line – well, I have just turned down £1500, from a friend who has seen the finished article, for my £600 banger!  I run a small business & straight after the Christmas rush the vehicles are due a service. I can assure you they will all be getting a can of Ametech & your flush (sorry I did not know you did one when I ordered last time). Cheers. the-memorial-man (eBay ID)
09 November 2007 – Triumph Spitfire  Hi, bought a tin last week for my triumph spitfire. It had a lot of blue smoke. I left it running for six hours [not on the road, so could not drive] - smoke gone, even on high rev up. I’m so impressed I’ve bought another tin. Thanks a million, saved me hundreds of pounds. squareshug (ebay ID)
30 October 2007 – Renault 1647cc  - Hi Roz! My engine, (1647cc) Renault, had piston-slap and I think! small-end knock, although the engine doesn't use any water or oil and oil pressure was o.k. Since "Restore" was added, along with new oil filter and good quality oil and 230 miles, the engine is noticeably quieter and smoother. I even had to slow-down the tick-over and mixture.....if this continues up to the recommended 1000 miles, I will be very pleased indeed.........Question…can RESTORE do the same for gearboxes and diff's? I hope my reply helps you with your product and if my engine improves, as I think it will I, and the people I tell, will be using it. Thanks rocker... (I was a qualified mechanic, now retired). -rocker1942 (eBay ID)

25 October 2007 – Ford Probe, 109,000 miles - Hi, my Ford Probe had a problem when starting first thing. It pumped out blue smoke for the first few mins, then it would clear.  The engine had covered 109000 miles and looked as if it was neglected of services.  After adding a stop smoke additive that made no difference whatsoever, I was going to count my losses and get rid of the car.  I then stumbled across the Ametech website by luck and thought “Oh yeah! Just another company promising miracles to make a quick pound or two”.  How wrong I was..... After putting an order through sales (quite late in the day), I emailed Ametech and asked if they could send it extra fast, as I was going to be away after the next day.  They were fantastic. They mailed me straight back to tell me it was on its way and to expect it the next day.  The following morning Mr Postman knocked with my parcel… now that's what I call a quick service (well done Ametech… outstanding customer service).
Anyway,  it went straight in the engine and every morning when I started the car, I noticed the smoke getting less and less, and now you can hardly notice any smoke at all!  Well I had my doubts, if I'm honest, but I was proved wrong and this product really does work.
I'm so impressed by the customer service, and the product of course, that I now recommend it to anyone and everyone.  Keep up the great work Ametech and you’re sure to be a winner.  Thanks so much, Regards Martin.

12 October 2007 – BMW 320D, 152,000 miles –  I hoped your product would be good and that it would make a difference with my 152000 mile BMW 320D. 1000 miles later I can say - very good. The car runs quieter, smoother and feels more powerful on the mid range pick-up. I intend to keep using your product and will recommend it to my friends. 
many thanks  -
 t300 (eBay  ID)
3 October 2007 - Mercedes 814D Horsebox, 1992, 308,000 kms - Having used some additives in the past with little or no positive results, I was a sceptical purchaser of the Ametech product.  My wife's Mercedes 814D horsebox is a 1992 model with 308,000 kms on the 4 litre diesel engine.  It was smoking quite a bit on start up and even when warm you could see some blue smoke coming out.  The quote for a reconditioned engine plus fitting was about £2000.  In went a litre of Ametech at the oil change.  After a few journeys, the smoke on start up had diminished significantly (I think some smoke is normal for a diesel engine that has been standing for a week or more) and there is now no smoke once we're on the move.  The emissions test at the MOT showed a reduction of over 50% compared to the previous year. As far as I'm concerned that's pretty good scientific evidence that this stuff works. I've just ordered some for my 1984 Mercedes 230ce ….Thanks, Neil Baylis

1 October 2007 – Peugeot 309TD, 130,000 miles - Hi, just to let you know that i have total belief in your engine restore. After my first purchase a few weeks ago i have noticed a significant difference even after the first couple of hundred miles with my peugeot 309 TD. I flushed with your engine flush, changed my filter and put mineral oil in my engine with two 250mls of engine restore. There is no smoke, easy starts and smooth running. It now drives like it has a few thousand miles on the clock instead of 130,000! I have just purchased some more for my friend’s car and shall continue to do so for mine. Thanks for a great product!  Keith.

28 September 2007, Swift Kon-Tiki Motorhome 2.5D, 50,000 miles - Hi Ros.Just back from a week of touring the South of Ireland (Killarney). I'm happy to report that we travelled 800 mls in a Fiat Ducato based Swift Kon-Tiki motorhome with a 2.5cc diesel engine with 50th on the clock. I felt that it's performance was lacking a little of late but after adding your RESTORE at an oil change I found quite a considerable increase in performance. This was especially noticeable on hill climbing where the engine appeared to have more torque resulting in less down changes. A considerable difference which I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending.  My next move will be to add some to a diesel Audi (with 213th on the clock) which I use for everyday driving. Kind regards, Raymond, Highly satisfied customer.
26 September 2007 – Ford Transit 190, 1996, 240,000 miles - Hi David, Just thought I'd drop you a line to let you know how I got on with your oil. I bought a 1996 Transit 190 with a "banana" manifold engine last year to see if it was a suitable way to transport a disabled wife with a large wheelchair, a disabled daughter and three grandchildren with all their associated clutter!  I didn't want to spend a lot, as I wasn't sure that it would work, so the van I ended up with had the best part of 240,000 on the clock, was a bit noisy and could never be described as fast but it felt as if it would have driven to the moon and back, albeit at about 58-60 mph!

I decided to take the whole family to 
France this year and so had the van serviced by a friend before we went.  I had read about your product on ebay whilst looking for some other parts and decided "What the Hell - Give it a go".  It was duly put in the engine at the service and I thought that it may do some good, you never know!  The van had passed its MOT just a couple of weeks before this and although it smoked a bit, it passed with flying colours. 

On the first day, we drove to Dover and then from Boulogne to Rouen, a total of about 400 miles.  The second day, we drove another 400 miles to get to the house we had rented and I didn't give your oil a thought........until about 50 miles from destination.  Here, there is a large hill that is quite steep that just goes on and on and on, and has some nasty curves in it too.  As we approached, I thought we would be down to third gear at best and struggling by the top - but we just sailed up in fifth!  I also realised that, without thinking, we had been cruising at just about 70mph for the last hour or two, a speed that the van just wouldn't do a couple of days earlier.  All this was being accomplished with a van that was loaded virtually to the roof! 

As well as the increase in top speed and acceleration, there was a reduction in engine noise and we also used less fuel than we had been previously when there was no load in the van!  The only thing that doesn't seem to have changed is the amount of smoke that it gives off - but as it passed it's MOT like that, maybe I was expecting too much on that front.  Whatever, the difference is quite impressive, to the extent that we were going to sell the van after the holiday and buy a newer one but we've decided to keep this one for another year now as it's going so well. 

Thank you, and I feel that you are more than permitted to state that "It does exactly what it says on the tin (or advert)"! Best wishes, 
Len Casson

25 September 2007 - 1988 Mitsubishi Pajero 2.5TD, 200,000kms  Hi. I recently purchased your Engine Restore product off Ebay (Username Squeeljunker).  I put the first tin (250ml) in yesterday with fresh oil and ran the car for a while and left it over night, got into it this morning and notice a massive difference already. It's a 1988 2.5TD with nearly 200,000kms on the clock and was sluggish and smoking a bit under power. This morning it pulled brialliantly up the hills and felt much smoother, so much so, that the guy I give a lift too commented on how well it was going in the first 5 mins of getting into it, and that was before I said what I had done. My friend and myself are very knowledgeable on cars and carry out all our own maintenance, from servicing to full rebuilds and this is the best thing I've ever experienced.
Needless to say I'll be leaving positive feed back today on Ebay for you and can highly recommend it to anyone else, I'll wait a week of so and put some more in it and then I'm going to put some in the gearbox and see what happens with that as it's a bit on the worn side as well. Kind Regards, Ken Little
27 September 2007 (Follow up up to the above) - I have now done a couple of hundred miles and it is still improving, as per my previous remarks I said I would add more, I have now done this and can now safely say that the car has increased significantly in torque output, so much so that it can now power slide out of corners if I don't watch what I'm doing putting on the power (not much fun for other road users when they see 2 Tonnes of 4x4 going sideways) but it is now a lot of fun to drive and my wife is not getting it back. Regards, Ken

11 September 2007 - -184 Bedford horsebox, 230,000kms - Just thought I would get back to you after putting Restore in my 1984 Bedford horsebox with 230,000 kms on the clock. Took it from Edinburgh to Stafford and back, so did over 500 miles, had some back pressure and burned a bit of oil. I have noticed an improvement in performance and MPG, seems to run more smoothly than before. Just did a 200 mile round trip and never used a lick of oil, absolutely delighted with this product, will recommend to my colleagues in the taxi trade and of course use it in my own cab as well as the horsebox. Dave Edinburgh 
30 August 2007 - Ford Transit truck - This stuff is the biz.  After 50 miles it's still the same blue smoke... "Here we go" I said to myself, but only 130 miles later the smoke's gone. Power not much different, but I've a Transit truck - they are flat anyway.  All in all, I must give your product 10/10 for the job I got it for and thank you for a first class service. I know I got it for next to nothing, but I'll pay the Buy It Now prices in future.  Thanks again, Kenn (eBay customer)
29 August 2007 - Volvo 850 TDi, 103,000 miles - Hi David. Bought some Ametech Engine Restore from you a few weeks ago and I'm writing to say how pleased I am with it. I own an 11 year old Volvo 850 TDi with 103,000 miles on clock and the engine was starting to develop a louder than normal 'Diesel Knock'. I changed the oil and filter three weeks ago and added 250ml Engine Restore and the noise eased considerably after approx 400 miles. I now know i should have put in at least TWO cans and will do so at the next service (oil change).  Thanks a lot.Leo (Cardiff)
4 August 2007 – Audi 2.5 diesel 115,000 miles - Hi there. I have just left positive feedback but wanted to say cheers for managing what I thought was a lost cause. I put 3 cans in an Audi 2.5 diesel, the motor has done 115k and was so bad that under throttle it was blowing spots of oil straight through the exhaust and producing so much smoke I couldn't drive the car in daylight hours. It has taken a couple of weeks of sneaking the car round at nights so I didn't block out the sunlight but after I reckon about 750 miles by God its worked. I will be honest and say I am a bit of a cynic about such products and it was bought much more in hope than expectation. After the 1st week no major improvement, but been out today for a 200 mile run (in daylight !) and its like a different car. I think I'll bin the £3000 quote for a recon engine. Cheers! I will certainly recommend the product and feel free to use this as a testimonial. Ron
22 July 2007 – 1990 Nissan Patrol GQ TD 4.2 litre diesel 557,000 km's - Hi Ros.  It has been a couple of weeks now since I put Restore in my Nissan Patrol. I am very happy with the results as I expected to be. With all that positive feed back they have to be right. I have a much quieter engine. It seems to be performing much better and with my now having done 850 km's since treatment I notice that the oil visibly shown on the dipstick is much cleaner where before it would be by now rather black, and still doesn't need topping up yet. My engine has, as I had stated earlier, now done 557.000 Km's. It was from my point of view an excellent engine to put to the test. Kind Regards, Alan (Australia)
19 July 2007 - Ford Transit  Hi, I bought the engine restore oil from you some weeks ago. My Ford Transit has done 272 miles since using your oil, no more black smoke and is running like new. I now believe in your product and will be buying off you again. I have told a local motor factor and he has asked me for your info. I will pass this on for you. regards Dave.
18 July 07 - Audi 80 H reg, 2.0E, 150,000 miles  Dad’s Audi goes like a rocket now - better mpg - no smoke - cool! Havin’ 2 more now to give my Golf Gti (2.0 Gti 8 valve 1994 L reg, 87,000 miles) new life!  thanks, Nick
11 July 2007 – Ford Mondeo 1.8 TD, Hyster H-60 Fork Lift, Honda sit-on mower - Hi Ros, I’ve used Engine Restore in 3 vehicles and achieved fine results in each. The first being my old faithful 1-8TD Ford Mondeo which has done 146,000 miles. I noticed an overall improvement after a fortnight with everything just seeming to be tighter and the usual smoky start being almost non-existent. The 2nd vehicle was my 25 year old Hyster H-60 Fork lift which also  showed a sharp increase in performance over a number of weeks. Last but not least is my Mother’s Honda sit-on Mower which I added a small amount too whilst doing an oil and filter change, This helped greatly the usual problem of “running-hot” and also the age-old problem of sluggishness when mowing through heavy grass etc. Many thanks from a very satisfied customer. Terry Lake
3 July 2007 - Rover 25 1.4, mileage 42561  Hi. Well I’ve got to admit i did not think restore would be as good as it is. I’ve been using it for just about a year and the difference it as made to my engine is, well how can i put it, its just great, before i started using RESTORE i was getting on average 38mpg now it is up to 43mph which is a great saving.  Thank you very much and also my mate who put me onto you.  Cheers, Derick Salmon
7 July 2007 – Discovery 300 TDI - Hi, just to say thanks for a terrific service and the free upgrade to 1 litre, very much appreciated! as an ex motor mechanic I was initially a bit sceptical but what an amazing product!! it has made a huge difference to my Discovery (300tdi with 158,000mls on the clock) it runs better,smoother, pulls far better in every gear and mileage has gone up by 3-5 miles per gallon, all in all a major improvement, I will as Arnie say's 'be back'. Many thanks again,Derek.
6 July 2007 – Nissan Serena - Hi, I have a Nissan Serena and I had a big end knock and she was very sluggish. I took it to a mechanic and he said that it was the airflow master meter, but I tried Ametech engine restore oil and now she goes much better and the knock has gone. I would recommend it to all. Thanks again Ametech. Pauline260661 (eBay ID)
28 Jun 2007 – 1997 Espace - I put it in my 1997 Espace with 95000 miles on it and its brilliant. Compression and acceleration much improved, engine smoother and more responsive. Its great to find something that does what it says. Thanks. Paul
2x 2stroke outboard engines - hi, just to say many thanks for your speedy service and excellent product. I didnt realise how much down on power my 326bhp supercharged jaguar was,until i used ametech. mpg has gone from 17 mpg@90mph to 22mpg@90mph (private land naturally) the car is dramatically quieter,smoother, better on acceleration, lost the small blue puff of smoke on start up, i would recommend this product to anyone. also used in 2x 2stroke outboard engines, on the pull start outboard you can physically feel the better compression as you pull on starter cord. Yet to try bigger outboard, but I’m sure it will of improved that too. Also added to my hydraulic tilt n trim on boat engine, hasnt stopped the leakin rams, but it has slowed them up, maybe in time with use will get even better. 
once again, many thanks for a superb product will definitely be coming back to you soon, sam earley. 
p.s pls feel free to use my statement in any of 
ur adverts f.y.i jag is a 6cylinder 4 litre 95/m 105000 miles  sammyboy0_9(eBay ID)
Volvo Diesel Marine engine - Hi Dave. Last year i put a 250 ml can of engine restore in my Volvo Diesel Marine engine and it brought it back from the dead and lasted a further year. I have now replaced the engine for a secondhand 5 year old engine and was so impressed with your product that i am putting some Restore in my new engine as preventative action. thanks again. greg1966sailing(eBay ID)
23 June 2007 – Audi 80 2.0 - hi, just a quick note to say thanks for great service and an excellent product- my dads audi 80 2.0 has done 150,000 miles and engine was a bit tired, i put 2x250ml cans of restore in during an oil and filter change. the difference was amazing within only 20 miles of driving, the engine is inaudible, it starts better, it's stopped smoking (like i should!), it's better on fuel, the difference in power is incredible- it feels about 30bhp more than prior to adding restore. it feels more like it's done 50,000 miles than 150,000, the more it's driven the better it gets! will defo be having more from you soon for my golf gti. i'm now a regular customer cos it's going in at every service! thanks again, nick, george and joanie.
22 June 2007 – 94 Honda Prelude -  Hi there. You asked me to tell you my findings after 500 miles - well that is now and this stuff is phenomenal.  I have a 94 honda prelude which has been maintained flawlessly throughout its 13 year life, every service on time and main dealer etc.  However I did its last service myself using restore and the difference in power all-round has improved 10 fold.  I will never use a different product again, so keep this stuff on sale mate.  As long as there are cars there will be a need for this gear.  It’s top notch stuff. nice one… oh and thanks for upgrading me to a litre.  I sorted the wife’s car as well … I’m still noticing improvements daily.
best regards 
halfpint132 (eBay ID) 
17 June 2007 - Mercedes Vito 108 2.2 - Hi. Bought 500 mls in May and I really am impressed. First of all my van, a Mercedes Vito 108 2.2, which has done 130000 miles and was a bit tired. At night, if I stopped at traffic lights or at a junction and the engine was at idle, when I set off blue smoke came out the exhaust and at night with headlights behind me it was a blue haze. So I decided to buy a couple of cans of Engine Restore. I am self employed and only work pretty much local, so it took a few weeks to do 560 miles, but from the start I did notice a difference on idle - it sounded smoother, more solid and started from cold much quicker: a couple of turns with no throttle and it’s running. Over the weeks there has been a big change in the engine acceleration - is smoother, there is positively more compression, no more blue smoke, and what really made my mind up about the compression was this: I was on the M62 heading towards Leeds, a route that I have been on before. Now there are quite a few hills the other side of Manchester, up and down, and they go on for a few miles. Before, in the van, if I got below sixty mile an hour when I came to a gradient, there was no chance. It would just gradually get slower and slower, but still get to the top, but not before changing from fifth into fourth or at worst third gear in one instance. Anyway, had to go toLeeds again this weekend on business and I am still stunned at how the van performed. First off, I was on my way when I got stuck behind an artic. I couldn’t get past because of traffic in second lane. Then I came to the first hill, not much of one but still a hill. I was doing 50 mph. I thought no chance of doing this, so I put my foot down. It didn't accelerate straight away but didn’t slow down either. Then, before the brow and in fifth gear, it was starting to accelerate! I was amazed, because before tractors would have flown past me…well that's what it felt like. So farther along the motorway I did a little test: I was doing 55 mph and then accelerated when halfway up the hill, and sure enough the van began to go faster not like a jet, but still accelerating. When I reached the brow I had gone from 55 to 63 - not much you might say - but I was in fifth gear with weight in the back and its diesel! It was a total transformation! I was amazed! And along with more mpg and no more blue smoke, it really does feel and sound like a newer engine. Ametech have knocked years off the van. I would recommend it and have bought some for my Alfa - it's not done as many miles, but it's going to do it good I am sure.    yours sincerely J D WILLIAMSON
16 June 2007 - 8V Astra - Just a short to say again that i have sent payment to you today, The Ametech Copper Silver Lead slate/purple coloured fluid is awesome. I had put it in an 8v Astra that is 10-years old along with an oil & filter change, & i got a real surprise around 100-miles of driving. IT JUST GETS BETTER THE MORE IT BEDS IN…..It just tightens everything up. It's like a liquid bra. Some kind of liquid corset. I couldn't believe it, i got it in November from enginerestore……There is no question about it's efficacy. It bugs me that a few people have dissed this stuff - but by using a strange kind of logic bypass, they seem to look at it's use as a replacement for servicing. Wholly unreasonable. It actually helps the environment as it repairs many car engines that would be discarded as a 'non economical to repair', & the car would be offed to the scrappy. It actually looks after the environment as well as making the car that the Ametech Restore is applied to, much more efficient.  Yours. S.F. (eBay customer)
9 June 2007 - Landrover - thanks to everyone at ametech my landrover passed the mot not long after i purchased some of your superb product. and thanks for the extra half litre you sent me. once again thank you very much...i will also be telling everyone how good ametech is.   darren angel.  (Editors note: Darren bought Ametech Restore on 21st May 2007. His comments at the time were: "ive read a lot about your products ive got a smokey landrover thats just failed the mot having spent thousands on it failure is not an option.")
8 June 2007 - BMW 325i - Just to let you know I put AMETECH ENGINE RESTORE in my BMW 325i.  I can't believe the difference, it's like driving a different car, better speed and mpg and a lot quicker.  Thank you for your good advice.        Terry Parr
31 May 2007 - Alfa 155 2.0 - Hi. Just thought I'd let you know how I got on with my second lot of Ametech, can't comment on the first because I sold the car shortly afterwards.  My car is an 1997 Alfa 155 2.0 which ran ok but only returned about 22mpg.  Each tank of fuel I have used since returns more than the last and I now regularly get 30+mpg and the engine also sounds far sweeter.  Best regards, Gaz

26 May 2007 - BMW 740  - Thank you, thank you and thank you for your magic advice.  I bought a BMW 740 with a bad engine from eBay; it was smoking like an airplane show. I followed your instructions and 5 months later my car is running like new. I travel every weekend about 500 miles running at speed of 90 miles per hour.  The engine I bought to replace the existing one still sitting in my warehouse.  This is magic. Thank you so much.                               zcouto (eBay ID)

3 April 2007 - Howard Rotavator - Hi, I bought some of that stuff last year for a Howard Gem, it smoked so bad I couldn't see to use it.  I was amazed how fast Ametech worked, I used the rotorvator this year with no smoke at all.  It really is amazing stuff.  Post this and if anyone wants to email me I will verify this is true.                                                             Kindest Regards vwhosey (eBay ID)
20 March 2007 - 1996 Volvo 960 3.0 24V Estate - current mileage 173,000.  We had a long telephone on 25 May 2006 when I voiced my disappointment at RESTORE not improving the car's engine oil consumption beyond its 500 miles per litre before the treatment started.  During the course of the conversation it came out that I was topping up with GTX Magnatec oil which would inhibit RESTORE from working its wonders.  So another (complimentary) RESTORE treatment was added at the 10,000 miles service in June and I topped up with Tesco Supergrade 10W/ took a long time before any lasting improvement was obtained, but the progress made in the last 4,000 miles has been very welcome.  The car's next 10,000 miles service is due shortly and I should like to order 3 more cans of RESTORE.                       Richard Husband, UK.
Friday 16 March 2007 - Ford Explorer Sport 4.0 V6 - I have used your product in most of my older vehicles.  I always recommend it to my friends who drive older vehicles.  I recently bought a 1992 Ford Explorer Sport with 4.0 V6.  It needed alot of work and ran rough.  I put your product in and within a week I really felt that your product helped my engine smooth out and give it some of its performance back.  I also did the repairs needed to be done; your product lived up to its claims.  My truck has almost 200,000 miles on it and runs great - I know your product is responsible for it strong engine performance.  I am a satisfied customer.                                                    Jeremy Sandow, UK.
9 March 2007 - Vauxhall Cavalier V6 & Frontera - This is my fourth time using Ametech; it does exactly what it says.  I used it on a worn diesel engine and what a difference.  I also used it on my daughter's Cavalier V6, Ametech made a vast improvement.  I also have Ametech in my Frontera, brilliant product.  What can I say - Buy it, you won't be disappointed.   lucyv1pink (ebay)  UK
June 2005 – 1985 Johnson 4hp 2-stroke twin-cyl outboard  Hi Dave. With admittedly some degree of scepticism I bought some of your oil (eBay ref. 7155366053) and dropped some in each cylinder of my 1985 Johnson 4hp 2-stroke twin-cyl outboard. Now although I haven't taken it on the water again since the treatment, I have instantly noticed a very marked improvement in idling smoothness. On 2-stroke outboards in particular, it's not just the compression but also the balance between cylinders (where only several psi between them can make a difference), though your oil has done wonders for this engine. It also vibrates far less on low and high throttle which I can only attribute to an improvement in cylinder compression, and now I can't wait to try it on the water again - it's so smooth and quieter now! Thank you Dave, your restorer oil is a fantastic product and I'll be treating all my other outboards just the same. Feel free to use my reply in testimony should you wish. All the best, Brendan Townsend.


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